21 Pcs High Speed Juicer Magic Bullet Blender in Pakistan

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21 Pcs High Speed Juicer Magic Bullet Blender in Pakistan

The Magic Bullet Blender System 21 Piece Set in Pakistan

Magic Bullet
Tired and bored of thinking what to cook the next day? Want to make different types of cuisine, but on a time constraint?
We’ve got just the most awesome system, a blender encompassing 21 items all in one set! 
The Magic Bullet System uses a unique Cross Blade that simplifies for chopping, grating and blending food such as vegetables, cheese, meat, fruits and even spices! Meanwhile, the Flat Blade encourages grinding and whipping.
The blender system comes in real handy especially with quick nutritious food and kids meals. Start making fun meals with your kids and family using this food processor. And mind you, this charmer not only makes meals, but also a wholesome range of sauces, smoothies, fruit juices and even your favourite weekend cocktails, all in just a jiff of a time! Unlike other blender systems, the Magic Bullet crushes ice for the best cool drink effect, absolutely versatile!
Not only that, we’re just about to reveal the best part! With the Magic Bullet you not only pound and grind all your favourite ingredients in less than a minute, but you also burn fat faster on what you eat and further get to curb that mounting appetite! So start eating well and healthy, and trim down on the excess fat without having to even diet.
The unit comes with a variety of blending containers with re-sealable lids so that you can store your leftovers and keep them frozen for next time. Each container is microwave and dishwasher safe, and the blades are of stainless steel, good sturdy construction.
All in all you get a recipe book that guides you to eating healthy and nutritiously! Get your Magic Bullet now and start creating some magic in your kitchen!
Package content:
1 x Magic Bullet High Torque Power Base
1 x Stainless steel cross blade, use for grinding, grating and blending
1 x Stainless steel flat blade, use for grinding and whipping
2 x Bullet Cups 1 tall, 1 short, use to mix, cook and store the ingredients, microwave safe
2 x Shaker/Steamer tops, use for steaming foods in the microwave and as a coarse fine shaker top
2 x Stay fresh reseal-able lids, fit right on to the bullet cups and party mugs to keep the leftovers fresh
4 x Party mugs with 4 comfort lip rings, make and serve frozen party drinks right in the same mug
1 x Magic Bullet blender with lid, make delicious nutritious fresh juices and instant energy cocktails
1 x BONUS Magic Bullet Juice Extractor, the extractor along with the plunger turn your Magic Bullet in to a juicer
1 x BONUS Magic Bullet Juice Plunger, part of the bonus juice extractor kit
4 x Replacement gasket for blades
1 x 10 second recipes & User Guide, this 100 page recipe book gives plenty of ideas on making cooking easier and enjoyable

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