Coupe Frites Potato Chipper

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Coupe Frites Potato Chipper

Coupe Frites Potato Chipper in Pakistan


1 To make home fries, well calibrated, without cutting yourself. Manufactured in stainless steel , it is supplied with 2 interchangeable cutting grids (9mm and 12mm) . Easy to clean. Goes to the dishwasher. 

2 The fries cut is very comfortable, especially for those who are not cut one or two potatoes but much more. The fries cut is very easy to use and in addition includes three molds to choose the kind of coupe.Lame great little blade molds cut only on the inside so you do not have accidents with the blades. You need to be careful that by changing the molds. The blades will cut molds potato so that with one movement we spend a whole potato in a potato cut into sticks. Should be washed to remove sticks starch potato, dry and voila, the potato is ready to fry. The fries cutter is strong, durable and useful and does not rust.

Dimensions: 9.6'' x 3.4'' x 4.1''
Weights: 16.0 oz
Our potato chipper with 25 holes stainless steel blade. The leverage handle cuts quickly and easily in one motion. The 25-holes stainless steel blade creates potato into uniform strips. The blade and suction is easy to remove and clean.

Features & Benefits
Sharp cutting blade
25 holes blade
Non-slip base
Use & Care
Not recommended for use in dishwasher
Hand wash and dry after use

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