Electric Nail Art Drill File Manicure Pedicure Machine

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Pen Type Burnish Machine

Electric Nail Art Drill File Manicure Pedicure Machine

Electric Nail Art Drill File Manicure Pedicure Machine in Pakistan

Professional Electric Nail Drill Kit Pedicure Hands Repair Beauty Pen Manicure


100% brand new
Color: Pink
Length: 16cm
Variable speed control: 3,000 RPM up to 20,000 RPM
Voltage: 220-240V (AU adapter plug/UK/EU plug)
100-120V (US plug)
Working Temperature: 0 - 50℃
Extremely quiet and smooth - No Vibration
Light-weight design handpiece for precise operation!
CE Approved

For both Manicure and Pedicure Nail Treatment
The nail file can be used for natural as well as artificial nails
For professional studio use or home use
Multi use: carving, engraving, routing, grinding, sharpening, sanding, polishing, drilling
Easy to use in any position

This tool is design for carver, engrave, rout, grind, sharpen, sand, polish, drill and more, Easy to use in any position, Light weight design for precise operation. The nail drill can be used for natural nails as well as artificial nails.
Unplug the tool form electrical outlet before loading a bit.
Press shaft lock button. Use the collet wrench to loosen the collet nut. Insert the bit (not included), and tighten the collet securely. But avoid excess tightening of the collet nut and never use a damaged bit.
There is an ON/OFF switch. When the switch is on, the tool runs at 20000RPM. There is aswitch indicator with an orange line on it. Slide the switch to find the speed needed from 18000-20000 RPM. Slide the switch to the black dot for complete stop.
How to Use:-

Emery tool: professionally shapes nails and makes the edge smooth
Buffing tool: polishes nails to a healthy shine, push back cuticles and stimulate the growth of nails
Shaping tool: flatten and smooth extra thick nails and rough surface
Fine shaping tool: carves into corners and spots which are hard to reach
Cuticle pusher remove dead skin, keeps cuticles neat and cleans under nails

Package included:-

1 X Electric nail drill
1 X Power Supply (UK Standard)
1 X Box Bits(6 BITS)

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