6 in 1 Steam X6 Mop in Pakistan

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 Steam Pop For Cleaning kitchen Window Vacuum Cleaner in Pakistan

6 in 1 Steam X6 Mop in Pakistan , X6 MOP in Pakistan

Steam Mop X6, mop 6 in 1 is more than a simple mop because it works on any surface.
Self sufficient to remove nearly 100% of bacteria and germs, without using chemical products, only with steam and within seconds, converts cold water into steam and can clean more than 100 degrees, disinfecting, deodorizing and sanitizing surfaces.
It works with running water so cold as hot tap. No pressure works. Heat water in less than a minute and the vapor outlet is adjustable. Easy to use, fast and versatile.
With the Steam Mop X6 steam combines with the microfiber cloth. Dissolves dirt, even the most difficult of the whole house; Windows, kitchen, bathroom - clean dirt, grease and stains.
In the floor, all the dirt out with steam and the effect of absorbing it and retaining it through the work of microfibre cloths. You'll be able to clean marble, ceramic, wood floors, parquet and floating floor, leaving all chemically cleaned and disinfected home.
-Drawing Elegant, practical, compact
-Uses The steam to clean without chemicals
-Cleans All kinds of surfaces such as marble, ceramic, stone, carpet, wood, etc.
-Panos Super absorbent cleaning
triangular -Drawing specially designed to clean every corner of the house
-Multiple Fittings and accessories to leave clean every corner
-Power: 1250 W
Steam Capacity: 45-280 ml / min
-Ability Deposit: 450 ml
The pack includes:
-1 Mop Steam Mop X6
-Triangular floor
-Fleece and cotton
-Textile cleaning
-Round of nylon and metal
-screen for Window Cleaning
-For steam cleaning

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