Z4 VR Box with Adjustable Headset 3D Glasses

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Z4 VR Box with Adjustable Headset 3D Glasses

Z4 VR Box with Adjustable Headset 3D Glasses in Pakistan

BOBOVR Z4 VR Box with Adjustable Headset, 3D Glasses, Virtual Reality

DMG 3D Virtual Reality VR glasses for 4.0 - 6.0 inches smartphone
Supports Apple iPhone 6/7/7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7
► Take high quality headphones
►Add visor to prevent leaking light
►3D glasses to make people immerse in the game
►The button of mirror box applies a snap switch and impressed notch design, convenient and firm
►You will enjoy in the 3D environment when putting your mobile phone in the glasses



Type: VR Box

FOV: 120 Degrees
Material :Foam, ABS
Compatible :4.0 - 6.0 inch Smartphones
Dimensions & Weight :Product Weight : 0.42 kg
Product Size: (L x W x H): 17 x 10.5 x 12.5 cm
Note Cellphone showed in the pictures is excluded in the package.
Please search Cardboard in APP Store / Google Play to download virtual reality APP.

How to use
1. Open the front cover: Pull the switch button at the top of the headset,and then open the top cover.
2. Start the App: Open the installed APP Client, and enter into the right-and-left dual-screen interface.
3. Insert the mobile phone: Insert the mobile phone into the device, and correctly adjust the middle-line of the mobile phone.
4. Helmet wearing: Adjust the tension of the 3 headbands to the most comfortable mode, please use it directly with glasses if myopic.
5. If there's phenomenon of fuzziness and double images, please adjust the 2 pupil distance adjustment switches at the top of the device to ensure that the observed pictures are clear and without double images. The lens fluctuate from left to right

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