11 in 1 Facial Care Massager

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11 in 1 Facial Care Massager

11 in 1 Facial Care Massager in Pakistan

Facial Beauty Massager with Scrubbing and Callus remover :

Cleansing the face to prepare for applying creams and lotions.
Exfoliating of dead skin cells to reveal a youthful skin.
Massage and application of cream to better penetrate the skin and keep it nourished & hydrated.
Removing hard cells on face, arms or elbows.
Massaging to firm skin and muscle tone.
Operated by 2 AA batteries.

This Facial Beauty Massager can be used in following conditions :
To smoothen rough or callused skin.
To file nails or to shapen them.
To clean tough areas like knee, elbows, ankle.
To prepare face before makeup
For cleansing before going to bed.
For general cleaning purpose.
Attachments Included :
Rolling Massager : For Better Blood Circulation and to Tighten Skin Muscles to prevent Skin Aging. 
Make Up Sponge : To Massage and Clean Skin.
Cystal Massager : To give an even finish to your skin.
Latex Sponge : For Eyes and Cheeks.
Soft Brush X 2 : To Clear Up all the Scruff Clings on the surface.
Fine Buffer : For final smoothening or for shaping nails.
Pumice Accesory : For filing and smoothening Callused skin.
Coarse Buffer : To Remove Tough Callused skin.
Crude Polish Accessory X 2 : To Rip the tough skin and for scrubbing. To be used for elbow, knees, ankle but not for soft facial skin.
Instructions Of Use :
Facial Beauty Massager with scrubbing and callus remover is a beauty and personal care product made of first grade ABS material and skin friendly attachments.
Unpack the Facial Beauty Massager with scrubbing and callus remover from the product package.
Choose between the eleven attachments (refer details above to choose the right attachment) and place them on to the rotating area.
Push the power button from Off to Low or High speed as per your requirements.
Gently massage against your face or the affected area.
Use 2-3 times a day for a glowing and clean looking skin.
This facial beauty massager can be used for neck, elbows and toes cleaning as well.
CAUTION : Please do not use the hard scrubber attachment on sensitive skin like facial skin. The hard scrubber is to be used for rough surfaces like knees, elbows or heels.
Technical Specifications :
Colour White-Blue / White-Red
Packing Dimension 10″ X 8″ X 3″
Packing Weight 500 gms.
Type Battery Operated Facial Beauty Massager with scrubbing and callus remover electric
Other Features Multiple Use Massager, Can be used as a general beauty and personal care device.
In the Package : 1 pc Facial Beauty Massager with scrubbing and callus remover with 2 X AA batteries included, hard carry case, 11 attachments.

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