New Self Heating Magnetic Therapy Neck Wrap

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New Self Heating Magnetic Therapy Neck Wrap
New Self Heating Magnetic Therapy Neck Wrap in Pakistan
Hi If you have tried everything to relieve your aching neck, this could be just the help you have been looking for! This self-heating pad is made on the basis of tourmaline magnets, together with Nano functional materials and special heat sensitive materials. 
- Health Concern: Neck / Waist / Knee pain 
- Can alleviate neck fatigue caused by extended use of computers, long periods of driving, studying or reading 
- Smooth the nervous system 
- Promote blood circulation 
- Remit neck, waist or knees pain 
- Help to cure cervical vertebra disease 
With the development of modern biological magnetism, research and study prove that magnetic therapy can have great effect on the human body's tissue, organic, nervous system, biological enzyme and biological magnetic fields. 
- Outer layer: soft self-adhesive cloth 
- Middle layer: 5 strategically placed magnets 
- Inner layer: nano composite material using traditional Chinese medicine 
- Adjustable velcro closure 
- Color: Black 
- Size: 20in (L) x 4in (W) at the widest section 
- Use without electricity 
- Safe and convenient to use 
1. Heat sensitive material 18% 
2. Nano bamboo charcoal 10% 
Bamboo charcoal materials can permeate blood vessel; stimulate the acupuncture points of the body; improve the function of body organs. 
3. Tourmaline 8% 
Can produce permanent weak electric currency. It is similar to electric currency that exists in human nervous system. This electric currency can stimulate the blood circulation. 
4. High purity germanium powder 5% 
Its impacts on human body: overcome fatigue; prevent anemia; improve the metabolism etc. It is used as medical assistant kits in many places. 
5. Permanent biological acupuncture magnets 
In ancient times, stones that contain magnets are considered to have magic medical effect. 
The Function of Far-infrared: 
1. The far-infrared activates the biological macro-molecules activity, which can promote biological macro-molecules which regulate the body's metabolism immune activities, and thus achieve the purpose of preventing and treating illnesses. 
2. Far-infrared can promote and improve local and systemic blood circulation. 
3. Far-infrared can increase metabolism. 
4. Far-infrared can play the role of anti-inflammatory. 
5. Far-infrared has analgesic action. 
6. Anion has stable autonomic nervous, control sympathetic nerve, improve sleep effect. 
7. Anion can enhance sudoriferous quantity and reduce fatigue, together with various protection function for the human body. 
How to use the neck wrap: 
1. Use a wet cloth to wet the area where you will be applying the heat wrap (neck/waist/knees) before use. After about 15-30 minutes you should begin to feel the heat. If not, you should remove the wrap and apply the wet cloth to the area again. 
2. Wrap can be used for 5000 hours. 
3. Clean the wrap by washing by hand in water only. Do not clean with soap. 
4. When you first use this product just take off the wrap if it becomes to hot. The scorching hot pain will disappear within a few minutes. 
5. Use 2-3 times every day up to 3 hours each application. 
Package includes: 1 Wrap 

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