Meera Herbal Hair Wash Powder For Hair Growth (Indian)

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Meera Herbal Hair Wash Powder For Hair Growth

Meera Herbal Hair Wash Powder For Hair Growth in Pakistan

Meera Herbal Hair-Wash:

The Meera company has introduced its herbal hair-wash for addressing every kind of need of its customers related to their hairs. This is a ready to mix powder and it can be directly applied on the hairs and the person, which has applied it on its hairs, can wash it after sometime for healthy and shiny hairs. It will be beneficial for users to apply it for a little longer duration of time because its contents are all natural and they do not possess any negative affect even if applied for longer durations. Companies, which produce hair products from unnatural ingredients, prohibit its use for longer duration but this is not the case with Meera herbal hair-wash powder. Its continuous use makes sure the provision of proper nutrients for hairs and thus hairs become healthy, which grow and flourish accordingly. It is a mixture of seven unique herbs, which keeps proven record of improving the health of hairs.

Some of Its Main Features:          

Ready to mix
Inspired by tradition
Herbal hair wash powder
7 natural herbs
For strong and healthy hair
A propietary ayurveda preparation
For external use only
Hairfall due to hair breakage
Direction for Use & Caution: Open the cap and remove seal. Close cap and open the flip to use. Mix the powder and water in a bowl to make a paste. Apple the paste on wet hair, wait for a while and then rinse thoroughly and repair if necessary.

Key Ingredients: Madhuca Longifolia 14.1%, Cocos Nucifera Shell Powder 10.0%, Albizia Amara 8.5%, Acacia Concinna 1%, Ocimum Sanctum 1%, Trigonella foenum Graecum 1%, Hibiscus Rosasinesis 0.50%, Vigna Radiata 0.50%, Vetiveria Zizanioides 0.34%, Sapindus Trfoliatus 0.16% Phyllanthus Embilica 0.10%

Manufactured By:
CavinKare Pvt Ltd

Country of Origin: Product of India

Product Weight: 4.23 OZ (120 Grams)

Storage Instruction: Keep in cool and dry place

Package: Plastic Jar

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